About Refusing the Default

This is a site about inequality, privilege, politics and the media, and about the consequences that considering the 1% of the population who are white academically-educated heterosexual adult currently non-disabled wealthy Christian moderate-weight cis male citizens as the default person.

In no particular order, a few posts that are probably representative of my general views:

And some issues which I've spent several posts talking about collected into one place:

The various intersections of privilege and lack of privilege have very different effects on different people, and while I try to consider these, I'm not that far from that default template myself, so there are several posts on this site - especially the older ones - that I wouldn't word that way, or perhaps wouldn't make at all. If you think I've missed something or made a mistake, I will welcome corrections.

Fixing Comments

Unfortunately Blogger's country-specific domains interact very badly with the commenting system I've been using. Going to http://refusingthedefault.blogspot.com/ncr will force the use of the .com domain, which will make comments work. The "fix comments" link in the sidebar will take you there. There is nothing more I can do about this at this stage.