Saturday, 3 July 2010

Season's Greetings!

Season's Greetings! Happy Northern-Hemisphere temperate summer to you all!

The last two months have not generally been filled with good news, so it's time for some more plant photos.

Giant foxglove Most plants we've done have only seemed to really come into full flower the year after they've been planted, but the foxglove has really grown rapidly in its first year. The roots are binding the soil together nicely, too.

Pansies The pansies are still doing well. We planted these just before winter to get some late autumn colour. Most of them survived the winter, and they've been flowering very strongly since spring. These yellow ones are especially nice.

Scabious The scabious is one that basically sat there doing nothing last year - I think we planted it a little too late. This year it's put out these really long stalks with lovely pink flowers on the end, and though it's not particularly clear from the photo, some more purple ones on shorter shoots.

More flowers I've forgotten exactly what these blue-purple flowers are, but there's now a lovely mat of them across the wall and another at the front of the flower bed.