Wednesday, 7 April 2010


A few things I've written on previously where the situation has developed.

  • "Action urged by MPs on mobility scooters". MPs are still largely missing the point on this. The BBC article itself is marginally better than the last one, in that some of the people quoted acknowledge that threatening someone's independence is risky. Only marginally, though: they could have got a quote from someone who uses a scooter rather than privileged people pontificating on their behalf.
  • So far only the local UKIP candidate has answered my question on the Election Compact on Mental Health, saying 'I am happy to sign up to this undertaking and to ensure that it is adhered to during my campaign by anyone who might be working on my behalf.'. I'm hoping the others are just overwhelmed by the volume of correspondence near election time, rather than not thinking it's important, but we'll see when the publicity starts up.
  • The Equality Bill passed, though the Conservatives will not implement some of the anti-sexism and anti-classism provisions in it if they win. It's an improvement on previous legislation in general, but still contains a lot of steps back.