Friday, 13 November 2009

Well, that wasn't trying to be subtle

An advert for a purple V-neck jumper (this one, but purple, I think) in a typically laughable "gifts for him" piece of advice in the local advertising paper, described the article of clothing as "masculine but sexy" (the linked page does not make this claim).

The implication is that being sexy - presumably in a visually attractive way - is not normally a masculine trait. However, this jumper is so special that it somehow is both really manly but also decorative. It's in a (heteronormative, of course) article aimed at partners of men, so presumably the motivation is "get your partner to wear this and they'll look sexy to you, but they'll think they're really masculine [for wearing a V-neck jumper?!] and so being decorative for you is not going to offend their fragile male ego."

It startled me slightly how many assumptions about gender roles and masculinity could be revealed in a few words about a V-neck jumper.