Saturday, 19 September 2009

Items with no sensible use

Lakeland is a store that mixes generally useful and decent quality household products (plates, etc), with expensive and/or overspecialised stuff only useful to the very rich (chandelier cleaner?) or the owners of small restaurants (cooking equipment with non-domestic capacities). This product is one of those overspecialised ones - it's a pink plastic pig, with a magnet (to attach to a fridge), a motion sensor, and an alarm. It makes a noise if the fridge door is opened.

The sales pitch is that it's great for securing fridges against theft. I am very uncertain exactly how many people have:

  1. A fridge that their food regularly gets stolen from
  2. ...that they are close enough to at the time of the theft to hear a novelty pig
  3. ...and close enough to get to the fridge before the thieves have vanished, taking the pig with them so that it isn't there next time
  4. ...and can't just see the fridge

"Fortunately", at the end of the sales pitch, the item's real use becomes clear:

And after the feasts of the season, it might help reluctant dieters too!

Yes, it's a cheap and easy way to encourage an unhealthy relationship with food in yourself and others! Open the fridge and get automatically called a pig, through the miracles of technology.